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  • MARTIN - G8JNJ - ECLECTIC AETHER - Adventures with Amateur Radio
  • Owen Duffy VK2OMD (ex VK1OD) - Good practical information relating to Electronics, Antennas, Feedlines, Baluns & just about everything else
  • Steve G3TXQ - Home of the Broadband Hexbeam and 1:1 Balun common mode impedance charts
  • Tom W8JI - Lots of practical antenna information and theoretical analysis
  • Dan N3OX - Lots of antenna practical construction information (especially verticals) and theoretical analysis
  • Adam AB4OJ/VA7OJ - Excellent information relating to Icom Radios and associated items
  • Alan K0BG - Everything you will ever need to know about mobile operation and compact antennas
  • Phil AD5X - Lots of very interesting articles and construction projects
  • Ian GM3SEK - Lots of practical design info. Especially these pages on cost effective common mode choke design
  • Jim KY9C - Loads of design and measurement information relating to common mode chokes
  • Chuck W1HIS - More notes on ferrite common mode chokes. Showing what you need to do to reduce EMI problems
  • L.B Cebik W4ML (SK) - The best resource for antenna design and modelling (free but you need to create a login account)

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  • The difference between digital radio and internet radio
    Digital radio is not the same as Internet radio. Online radio uses a data stream received through Internet access via a computer, personal devices, or Internet-enabled radio. The post The difference between digital radio and internet radio appeared first on One-Forever Radio.
  • What’s the Difference Between a Podcast and an Internet Radio Show?
    Two of my most frequently asked questions are: "What are podcasts?" and "What's the difference between a podcast and an internet radio show? The post What’s the Difference Between a Podcast and an Internet Radio Show? appeared first on One-Forever Radio.
  • How to listen to podcasts
    Podcasts are available on devices that are connected to the Internet and can play audio. These are smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The post How to listen to podcasts appeared first on One-Forever Radio.
  • Should businesses create podcasts
    Today, podcasts are among the most effective marketing tools. Taking into account available experience, it is possible to point out 5 main factors which indicate the prospects of creation The post Should businesses create podcasts appeared first on One-Forever Radio.
  • Podcasts: who needs them and why
    In the rhythm of modern life, many people have switched to audiobooks instead of paper books. Against the backdrop of universal multitasking, podcasts are especially popular. The post Podcasts: who needs them and why appeared first on One-Forever Radio.

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  • Network layer security
    The exercises in this experiment will focus on security services offered at the network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack. You will configure a network with a VPN tunnel, and then you will examine the extent to which you are protected from unauthorized eavesdroppers on network traffic, when you
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP)
    In this experiment, we will examine how ARP is used in IPv4 networks - to resolve IPv4 addresses of neighbors into link layer MAC addresses and to keep track of the neighbor reachability. It should take about 60 minutes to run this experiment. You can run this experiment on CloudLab,
  • Inspecting network traffic with tcpdump and Wireshark
    In this experiment you will practice using tcpdump and Wireshark, two software applications for packet capture and packet analysis. Using these applications, we can capture raw network data as it arrives at or leaves any host in our experiments, save the raw network packets in a file, and analyze the

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  • The Minimum Required For a Film Camera
    Film cameras can be complex and exquisitely-crafted masterpieces of analogue technology. But at their very simplest they need be little more than a light-proof box with a piece of film …read more
  • End of an Era: Popular Science Shutters Magazine
    Just three years after the iconic magazine abandoned its print version and went all-digital, Popular Science is now halting its subscription service entirely. The brand itself will live on — …read more
  • Autonomous Excavator Builds Stone Wall Algorithmically
    In a move that aims to further the circular economy of the construction industry, researchers at ETH Zurich have let an autonomous excavator loose on a big pile of boulders …read more

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  • Security For Everyone - 2023 Update
    This post will go through some of the steps you can take as an individual to secure the accounts that mean the most to you.
  • WebSockets are a Pain - A Journey in Learning and Leveraging
    Before I dive in and show examples of implementations that worked, it is worth doing a quick explainer on what WebSockets are, how they work, what a typical request handshake looks like, and how to troubleshoot when things don't go the way you want them to.
  • Ticket Fraud Scammers - An Investigation
    If you're reading this, it's a blog post that's not my regular write-up but more of an investigation and a hypothesis on the anatomy of a scam. I also put it together to raise awareness for those who read my blog and who might not be overtly technical-focused.

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  • Running Blink Example on Raspberry Pi Pico
    Today, I managed to find some time to try out a Raspberry Pi Pico module that had been awaiting my attention at the lab for some months. More details about this module can be found in their website's documentation. The following are the steps that I followed to get their default LED blink example running […]
  • Fundamentals of Radio Tomographic Imaging - Part 1
    Nodes vs Links Consider a wireless network consisting of \(K\) number of devices. If each and every device is communicating with each other, there will be a wireless link between each and every pair of nodes. The number of such unique two-way links is depicted as \(M\). The following equation describes relationship between \(M\) and […]
  • Observing I2C Communication using Logic Analyser
    Figure: Connectivity between a master (controller) and slaves (target). (source:²C)Inter-integrated circuit (I2C) protocol is an advanced protocol, that eliminates many weaknesses in the UART and SPI protocols to provide communication between ICs using minimum number of wires. I2C consists of just two wires interconnecting one or many master devices with one or many slave […]


  • Happy 10th Birthday FUNcube-1 (AO-73)
    November 21, 2023, marks the tenth birthday of our very first CubeSat mission, FUNcube-1 (AO-73). A very short time after the launch from Yasny in Russia and within a few minutes from deployment, the very first frame of data from … Continue reading →
  • EISAT-1 CubeSat
    EIRSAT-1 is expected to launch on a Space X Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, USA, at 1804 GMT on Friday, December 1, 2023. It will have a downlink on the IARU coordinated frequency of … Continue reading →
  • 23cm band report ITU‑R M.2532 published
    IARU Region 1 reports as a part of the preparatory process for WRC-23 agenda item 9.1 topic b) involving the 23cm band (1240-1300 MHz), ITU‑R Report M.2532 has been published. This report encapsulates the outcome of resolves 1 of ITU‑R … Continue reading →

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  • RoadTest Review: Toshiba Thermoflagger TCTH021AE
    I’ve been quite busy with things over the weekend that I’ve not had much time for any blogging, perhaps with minor updates to the recent Optus outage posting. The technical details behind how things work are often overlooked in reporting. … Continue reading →
  • Breaking: Optus Nationwide Outage (08/11/2023)
    It’s not a good morning this morning as I woke up at 5:41am to see this: Emergency calls only. I was afraid my SIM was ported out from underneath me, so I reboot. No dice – “temporarily unavailable”. Voice over … Continue reading →
  • Review: WD_BLACK SN770 2TB NVMe SSD Game Drive (WDS200T3X0E) @PCIe3.0x4
    When something fails, my instinct is to replace it with twice as much. Previously, it was goodbye Fanxiang S501, hello Lexar NM610 PRO, but that was only half of the equation. The other half came courtesy of an OzBargain posting … Continue reading →

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  • Device Code Phishing – Compass Tooling
    Device code phishing is nothing new. In fact it has been around for some years now. Despite the awesome capabilities of device code phishing, it is not widely used by threat actors. Therefore, it probably does not receive much attention from Microsoft. Compass Security is releasing two tools that can work hand in hand in […]
  • Relaying NTLM to MSSQL
    Readers of this blog probably know that I like to try NTLM relaying over all protocols possible! Relaying to Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) is known to work when using the default weak configuration. With this blog post, we show some dangerous configurations and release a small tool to automate NTLM relaying in these cases.
  • From MQTT Fundamentals to CVE
    Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) is an area that has grown strongly in recent years and is increasingly being used in the business world. To be able to test the security in this area, let's take a closer look at the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol to understand the strengths and […]

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  • Ender 3 v2 Pen Plotter
    Last year I purchased myself an Ender 3 V2 3D Printer. It was a logical purchase, to compliment my home automation hobby, allowing me to design and print custom enclosures for miscellaneous ESPHome and Zigbee nodes. It turns out having a CoreXY 3D printer allows you to do more than just 3D printing if you’re […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas 2018 Prediction Analysis
    Over the space of 6 weeks, 100 Warm Tunas collected a large sum of data and chugged away at it to make some predictions about what the Hottest 100 of 2018 would look like. In summary, We collected 6,234 entries (13.6% decrease since 2017 🔻). We tallied 58,463 votes across these entries (12.9% decrease since […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas has a new home!
    100 Warm Tunas has found a new home this year! This year’s results, along with the past 2 years can now be found at The existing domain ( will simply perform a 301 permanent redirect to the new domain, so all existing inbound links should be unaffected.

RSS Baltic Lab

  • Diplexer with integrated Bias-T (Triplexer) for QO-100 and X-band microwave reception using LNBs
    This article shows how to build a simple Triplexer (Diplexer plus integrated DC Bias-T) for use with commercial TV LNBs for QO-100 or X-band microwave experiments. Introduction When using modified, commercial LNBs for reception of the QO-100 amateur radio satellite or X-band microwave experiments, it is necessary to pass a clock-reference signal, a DC supply […]
  • Tremolo DSP Effect for Arduino
    This article continues my newly acquired interest in implementing digital signal processing algorithms on the Arduino GIGA R1 by showing how to implement a tremolo effect algorithm in software. After showing how to implement an Audio Loopback Device and a DSP Diode Clipping Algorithm for Overdrive and Distortion Effects on the Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi, […]
  • DSP Diode Clipping Algorithm for Overdrive and Distortion Effects
    This article shows how to approximate the behaviour of a regular diode in a mathematical equation and how to subsequently implement the behaviour in software. The DSP algorithm can be modified to implement different topologies, such as single diode clipping, dual diode symmetrical soft clipping or asymmetrical clipping. The easiest way to implement distortion through […]


  • Google Bard on two wire line Zo
    What’s that… the centre to centre distance is less than the round wire diameter… a physical impossibility… never mind, Google Bard can solve it! Not only solve it, but warm you with a bit of humanistic chat to lend credibility to its answer. Utter BS. This is worse than your average online expert in social […]
  • Google Bard on ferrite cored RF inductor challenge
    Having seen an online expert speaking very positively of Google Bard in solving ferrite cored inductor problems… so I tried it out. Google Bard Well, that is encouraging, seems a lift from datasheets and it seems ok at a glance. Now lets go deeper. Hmmm… the “impedance” is given that real number… but that is […]
  • Screen capture of the nanovna etc using a Python script
    I find it convenient to capture the screen from my tiny devices directly to a computer over the USB connection. I use a script derived from Ho-Ro’s nanovna-tools. The script emits a png of the screen, and a png of the screen with the colours inverted (for presentation and printing). Above is a screen shot […]