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  • MARTIN - G8JNJ - ECLECTIC AETHER - Adventures with Amateur Radio
  • Owen Duffy VK2OMD (ex VK1OD) - Good practical information relating to Electronics, Antennas, Feedlines, Baluns & just about everything else
  • Steve G3TXQ - Home of the Broadband Hexbeam and 1:1 Balun common mode impedance charts
  • Tom W8JI - Lots of practical antenna information and theoretical analysis
  • Dan N3OX - Lots of antenna practical construction information (especially verticals) and theoretical analysis
  • Adam AB4OJ/VA7OJ - Excellent information relating to Icom Radios and associated items
  • Alan K0BG - Everything you will ever need to know about mobile operation and compact antennas
  • Phil AD5X - Lots of very interesting articles and construction projects
  • Ian GM3SEK - Lots of practical design info. Especially these pages on cost effective common mode choke design
  • Jim KY9C - Loads of design and measurement information relating to common mode chokes
  • Chuck W1HIS - More notes on ferrite common mode chokes. Showing what you need to do to reduce EMI problems
  • L.B Cebik W4ML (SK) - The best resource for antenna design and modelling (free but you need to create a login account)

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  • Some of the Internet may be heading towards BBR dominance: an experimental study
    Background Low latency TCP congestion control (CC) is a key enabler of delay-sensitive applications such as cloud gaming, remote driving, and virtual/augmented reality(VR/AR). In recent years, TCP BBR has emerged as a popular choice for low latency CC, with it already having widespread adoption. However, a critical
  • Emulating multipath wireless links on CloudLab and FABRIC
    This experiment emulates a multipath wireless scenario by "playing back" wireless network link traces that were collected in the same time and place. It should take about 60-120 minutes to run this experiment. You can run this experiment on CloudLab or on FABRIC! Refer to the testbed-specific prerequisites listed below.
  • Are we heading towards a BBR-dominant internet?
    Background We are looking at the paper ``Are we heading towards a BBR-dominant internet?'' The main contribution of this work is a new mathematical model to estimate the throughput of TCP BBR when competing with TCP CUBIC flows. Using their model, the authors show that even though BBR currently

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  • Sundial Collection is 2D Printed
    We see a lot of clocks, and many of the better ones have some 3D printed elements to them. But [Carl Sabanski] shows us his kits for making sundials for …read more
  • 3 Ways to DIY Custom CNC Dust Covers
    Home shop machinists know dust shields are important for keeping swarf out of expensive linear rails and ball screws. [Petteri Aimonen] demonstrates three inexpensive ways to DIY some bellows-style dust …read more
  • Reliving a Bitmapped Past With a Veritable Hoard of Bitmap Fonts
    The fonts seen with old computer systems such as those from Apple and Commodore, as well as Microsoft Windows 3.1 and older, form an integral part of our interaction with …read more

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  • LTR102 - Published Finally!
    Hello Everyone, This a short blog post to announce I have finally published my second book after several years of work. I have spent nearly five writing it; like my first one, it follows the path of getting into and progressing in the industry, while LTR101 was focused on bug
  • BYODC - Bring Your Own Domain Controller
    BYODC or bring your own domain controller is a post-exploitation technique and another option for performing a DCSync in a more opsec safe manner.
  • Multiple Paths to Compromise An Environment
    Attack paths and compromising systems are something we, as attackers, thrive in. Many areas of system weakness can be attacked and leveraged to gain a foothold or an upper hand within an environment.

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  • Blogging: My Lost Habit
    I've used to be a very enthusiastic blog writer over a decade ago. With time, the number of posts I write per year decreased drastically. By the year 2022, I was barely writing a single post — even that's after noticing the risk that I might go without a single post in that year. The benches […]
  • Editing Binary Files on Vim Editor
     Here's a quick method I use to edit binary files on the vim editor. Suppose that the binary file name that we need to edit is called hello. Let's open it using the xxd hex viewer utility and pipe it to the vim editor as follows using the terminal. This produces the hex view of […]
  • Creating a Window 10 Live USB Stick on an Ubuntu GNU/Linux Computer
    As a hardcore user of GNU/Linux systems, I don't usually come across any requirement to use Windows operating system. However recently, I had to install Windows in somebody else's computer as a help. It took me a while to find out how to prepare a installation USB drive for the purpose. Here's the steps I […]


  • User manual for CAS-10 satellite
    On December 18, 2022, CAMSAT’s satellite XW-4 (CAS-10) was deployed from the Tianzhou-5 cargo ship that was docked to the Tiangong space station. CAS-10 carries a linear amateur radio transponder. The satellite user manual can be downloaded here: CAMSAT XW-4 … Continue reading →
  • User manual released for Fengtai OSCAR-118
    CAMSAT’s transponder satellite CAS-5A (Fengtai OSCAR-118) launched on December 9, 2022, carrying three amateur radio transponders. The satellite user manual can be downloaded here: CAS-5A Amateur Radio Satellite User’s Manual V1.0 CAS-5A Frequencies: CW Beacon: 435.570MHz CW 22wpm U/V Linear … Continue reading →
  • ARISS contact with students in Malta
    Update Dec 9 : Contact POSTPONED An ARISS contact between students at Stella Maris College, Gzira, Malta, callsign 9H1MRL and the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for TBD. The ISS crew member will be astronaut Koichi Wakata KI5TMN who … Continue reading →

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  • Level-up your Detection Game
    Red Teaming exercises are getting popular with the growth of security operations centers. These attack simulations aim to help companies improve their defenses and train the blue team. But solid foundations are necessary to get the most of such an exercise.
  • The Threat, the Fox, and the Sentinel
    Nowadays more and more security tools are used to monitor and generate alerts from different sources (EDR, Proxy, etc.).These alerts often contains URL, domain names, or file hashes that can and should be compared with a threat intelligence source to immediately identify current threats and avoid when possible false positives. In this article, we will […]
  • Relaying to AD Certificate Services over RPC
    In June last year, the good folks at SpecterOps dropped awesome research on Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) misconfigurations. Since then, we find and report these critical vulnerabilities at our customers regularly. One of these new attack path is relaying NTLM authentication to unprotected HTTP endpoints. This allows an attacker to get a valid […]

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  • Ender 3 v2 Pen Plotter
    Last year I purchased myself an Ender 3 V2 3D Printer. It was a logical purchase, to compliment my home automation hobby, allowing me to design and print custom enclosures for miscellaneous ESPHome and Zigbee nodes. It turns out having a CoreXY 3D printer allows you to do more than just 3D printing if you’re […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas 2018 Prediction Analysis
    Over the space of 6 weeks, 100 Warm Tunas collected a large sum of data and chugged away at it to make some predictions about what the Hottest 100 of 2018 would look like. In summary, We collected 6,234 entries (13.6% decrease since 2017 🔻). We tallied 58,463 votes across these entries (12.9% decrease since […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas has a new home!
    100 Warm Tunas has found a new home this year! This year’s results, along with the past 2 years can now be found at The existing domain ( will simply perform a 301 permanent redirect to the new domain, so all existing inbound links should be unaffected.


  • Refurbishing aluminium antenna parts affected by weather / corrosion
    Weather is not kind to aluminium antenna parts, often giving rise to corrosion that may result in high resistance joints that then reduce radiation efficiency. It is good practice to document antenna behavior at installation, and through life, measurements can be compared to that benchmark to possibly reveal changes resulting from corrosion. See Diagnosing a […]
  • nanoVNA-H – can firmware be updated if it has a broken USB socket?
    The usual method used for firmware upgrade is DFU (Direct Flash Update) using the USB interface and one of many PC clients to load the firmware. Before attempting a firmware upgrade, be certain of the hardware you have, and the appropriate / compatible firmware file and format. Look for a label on the back, or […]
  • Motorola R2009D OCXO startup
    This article documents the startup characteristic of the OCXO in a Motorola R2009D comms analyser. Frequency error from cold start was logged using the FA-3-6G counter to make record of the time for reasonable stabilisation from cold. The R2009D had been calibrated to within 100mHz some days before this test. This test was performed with […]